What is your average turnaround time?
Most samples that arrive in our lab by 12:00 noon are run the same day and results posted to your email address that very same day. There is no additional cost to you for same day service.

What is the cost for running a sample?
The cost for most samples is between $68 and $110 per analysis, depending on method and number of samples submitted. This is for full quantitative analysis with Certificates of analysis and complete data report. Prices vary, however, so please contact Bia Diagnostics directly for more information.

Do you run official methods?
Yes. We either run AOAC or CODEX methods when available, and all methods are validated by us before use. Some matrices are incompatible with the method used and may give false negative results. In our lab, new matrices are checked for method compatibility before results are reported back to the client. (The matrix is the total composition of your sample.)

Can you validate our in-house method?
We can validate both your method and your matrix to be sure of compatibility. We will run spike recovery studies on your matrix as well as repeatability, reproducibility, max-minimal levels, as well as other parameters, as required.


How does a client pay for services?
We will invoice you when the work is complete. We appreciate you payment by credit card or check within 15 days of receipt of the invoice.

Can you help us with HACCP implementation?
Our clients include food manufacturers (large and small) that require label verification/certification. We have saved many companies from costly recalls, as well as liability claims from consumers, by finding specific contaminants not listed in their label claim. We also work with kit manufacturers, regulators and universities supporting their needs for validation and consultations.

Can you teach our personnel how to run assays or help set up our lab?
We do offer periodic workshops in our Burlington facility on HACCP and the basics as to how one can run specific assays. We can also visit your factory and set up demos for your workers or laboratory training for your personnel.








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