As an active member of many local and international associations, Bia Diagnostics participates in committee meetings, working groups, stakeholder panels, and academic studies, all of which help us stay on the cutting edge of food safety issues worldwide. This allows us to stay current on regulatory issues and connect with other experts and industry leaders to provide comprehensive answers to complex problems.


AOAC International

As an active member of AOAC for the past 15 years and as part of the Food-Allergen-Taskforce we continue to contribute and understand the International regulatory needs for the highest standards in testing methods, thus helping to improve allergen testing reliability.


National Center for Food Safety and Technology

As members of the National Center for Food Safety and Technology we stay abreast of the latest research and food safety requirements as well as develop new technologies which helps both the manufacturer and consumer to reduce allergen exposure.


Gluten Intolerance Group And The Celiac Sprue Association

As members of the Gluten Intolerance Group and

The Celiac Sprue Association  we stay connected to the needs of the Gluten Free community.


International Food Technology

International Food Technology association is an organization which allows us to make contact with many of the largest food manufacturers in the world and understand their needs.


Vermont Biosciences Alliance

Vermont Biosciences Alliance is a community of Biotech companies in New England which share similar scientific and business interests and the free exchange of ideas to improve public safety through new technologies.


Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility

Membership in the Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility allows us to connect  with other businesses which share key aspect of our mission, to work towards achieving the highest standards for the protection the natural, human, and economic environments of our citizens and community.






Bia Diagnostic’s association with the FDA has been long and fruitful. It has allowed us to better understand regulatory needs as wells as their technical applications.


CFIA and
Health Canada

We have benefited from working with both these agencies over the years in developing better technologies which meet the needs of our ever diverse populations.




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