Bia Diagnostics is a full service food diagnostics facility located in beautiful Burlington, Vermont. We bring over 30 years in laboratory experience and nearly 20 years in food allergen testing. By specializing in food allergens, we are better able to provide you with the most accurate, rapid results at the lowest possible cost.


Our laboratory uses the latest technologies in food analysis, and is dedicated to providing the most reliable, highest quality results possible at affordable rates. All samples arriving by 12:00 noon will be run the same day and posted confidentially to your email address by the end of that work day. You will receive Certificates of Analysis for each sample as well as the complete data reduction showing standard curve, raw OD values, calculated values and r2 value using 4p fit calculations. We provide validation of your specific matrix to prove compatibility with the analytical method used for its analysis as well as consultation regarding all results, including the possibility of further diagnostics.


In 2010, we co-authored a major paper on gluten contamination in so called “gluten free” grains. This paper was picked up by Reuters, MSNBC and the local media alerting the gluten sensitive community to the hazards of food cross contamination. Bia Diagnostics also has developed a unique method for determining the grain species source of gluten contamination allowing manufacturers to declare products Wheat free when other grains are present or forensically finding a source of contamination in a highly processed food.This procedure was published at the AOAC Scientific Conference in the fall of 2010 in Orlando, Florida.



Bia Diagnostics leads the field in food allergen safety bringing our lab to you through same day routine analysis, the development of testing technologies and HACCP validation.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the most reliable and highest standards in food allergen analysis. We continue to conduct research and develop innovative tools so that food manufacturers can produce the safest products for the most allergen sensitive consumer. 


Customer service is the keystone of our corporate mission. To that end, we develop personal relationships with all customers, big and small. We create an employee centered workplace where employees wellness and growth is valued and dedication to providing our customers with  the highest standards in service, respect and reliability can be achieved.

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Bia Diagnostics strives to be a caring and active member of the scientific community by conducting independent and collaborative research to further our understanding of food allergen safety and of the community in which we live by providing jobs, offering financial support to both local and international non-profit agencies, sponsoring fundraising events for such and allowing time for our employees to serve.



In 2010, Bia Diagnostics donated time, energy, money and resources to several local and international not-for-profits, including Women Helping Battered Women, The Town of Fairfax, Vermont’s Recreation Fund, The Celiac Sprue Foundation, and Amnesty International, totaling over 400 hours and more than 20% of our profits.

Three years ago, we introduced the idea of a local running race as a fundraising event for Women Helping Battered Women. Along with several other committee members, we have worked tirelessly since that time, organizing this event, providing running clinics to the community, planning and implementing every aspect of the race from course planning to registration to timing, results, great prizes and food. Over the course of the past three years, nearly 600 people have participated in this event, running, walking, raising money and volunteering, bringing in over $28,000 to Women Helping Battered Women. In addition to the time commitment, Bia Diagnostics is also a major financial sponsor of this event.


Additionally, Bia Diagnostics employees donate their time and resources to Women Helping Battered Women at their Phone-A-Thon, purchasing Christmas gifts for children whose lives have been touched by domestic violence, arranging benefit concerts, and serving on the board. Employees are encouraged to use paid time to serve and flex their job responsibilities.

Bia Diagnostics also organizes a road race annually for Amnesty International and donates time, expertise and funds to the Egg Run in Fairfax, Vermont.

In addition to social responsibility, we are committed to providing a work environment that contributes to employee satisfaction, well-being and growth.



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We are committed to paying all employees a livable wage, providing funds for health and well-being, a very generous time off package and opportunities for growth and education.

Our commitment to education takes the form of flexible hours so that employees may attend classes, limited tuition reimbursement, working closely with the University of Vermont in mentoring and hiring of local student interns and a monthly journal club where staff and interested community members come together to enjoy a meal and discuss scholarly articles.

Bia Diagnostics is in the process of a major expansion with doubled our physical space, hiring on a second full time laboratory technician and with the hope of hiring additional help before the end of 2011. We are getting ready to market our newly developed rapid allergen screening kits, with applications for almost every dairy processing plant in North America as well as an agreement with the largest dairy company in N. America to provide them with all of their quality control testing kits for the coming years. We have also secured an agreement with the largest Gluten Certification agency to provide them with rapid gluten testing kits for their customers worldwide. 


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